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Artemisian Awards

Awards given in the Kingdom of Artemisia

Artemisia Awards

Recommending Awards

Awards and honors in the SCA generally come from the hands of the Royalty. But they don't make those decisions by themselves: in a Kingdom of people like Artemisia, it's impossible for the Royalty to know more than a small fraction of the populace. So they depend upon the citizens of the Kingdom to tell them about folks who are deserving of awards. If you believe you have an member of the populace deserving of an award, please fill out the award recommendation webform.

Recommend an award

# Award Date SCA Name Award Group
5856 04/14/2018 Magdalena Lucia Ramberti Order of the Key Cross Stonegate
5855 08/05/2017 Magdalena Lucia Ramberti Golden Pillar of Artemisia Stonegate
5854 03/18/2017 Magdalena Lucia Ramberti Materiam Superabat Opus Stonegate
5853 11/19/2016 Magdalena Lucia Ramberti Golden Maple Leaf Stonegate
5852 01/17/2016 Magdalena Lucia Ramberti Swan and Escallop Stonegate
5851 07/08/2015 Magdalena Lucia Ramberti Stag's Heart (Outlands) Stonegate
5850 03/29/2014 Magdalena Lucia Ramberti Order of Evan (Outlands - Caerthe) Stonegate
5849 05/07/2011 Magdalena Lucia Ramberti Aspen of Caerthe (Outlands - Caerthe) Stonegate
5848 08/02/2008 Magdalena Lucia Ramberti Flower (Outlands) Stonegate
5847 09/01/2007 Magdalena Lucia Ramberti Gilded Leaf of Caerthe (Outlands - Caerthe) Stonegate
5846 01/31/2004 Magdalena Lucia Ramberti Gentle Dragon (Outlands - Dragonsspine) Stonegate
5845 11/22/2003 Magdalena Lucia Ramberti Argent Heart (Outlands) Stonegate
5844 01/05/2002 Magdalena Lucia Ramberti Award of Arms Stonegate
5843 11/22/2014 Lucas Silvertre Defender of the Citadel Stonegate
5842 06/12/2014 Lucas Silvertre Peacock's Key Stonegate
5841 06/20/2008 Lucas Silvertre Gryphon's Heart of Artemisia Stonegate
5840 06/15/2008 Lucas Silvertre Peacock's Heart Stonegate
5839 09/23/2017 Khynika Nikol'eva vnuchka Golden Maple Leaf Stonegate
5838 08/05/2017 Khynika Nikol'eva vnuchka Award of Arms Stonegate
5837 06/12/2014 Khynika Nikol'eva vnuchka Peacock's Key Stonegate
5836 09/23/2017 Khalida bint Rojer al Rabi Award of Arms Stonegate
5835 09/09/2017 Jun Yamasaki Award of Arms Silver Keep
5834 06/12/2014 Jun Yamasaki Baroness' Oracle Silver Keep
5833 06/20/2015 Juliana Fox Golden Sun in Splendour Stonegate
5832 06/12/2014 Juliana Fox Peacock's Key Stonegate
5831 06/12/2014 Juliana Fox Peacock's Heart Stonegate
5830 11/23/2013 Juliana Fox Award of Arms Stonegate
5829 06/14/2013 Juliana Fox Swan and Escallop Stonegate
5828 09/23/2017 John of Stonegate Award of Arms Stonegate
5827 03/24/2012 Jenefer Symmone Mo'r Award of Arms Stonegate
5826 01/01/2004 Helen Might de Gunthorpe Swan and Escallop Stonegate
5825 01/01/2004 Helen Might de Gunthorpe Award of Arms Stonegate
5824 03/15/2014 Helen Might de Gunthorpe Golden Sun in Splendour Stonegate
5823 11/23/2013 Helen Might de Gunthorpe Order of the Peacock's Eye Stonegate
5822 06/19/2009 Helen Might de Gunthorpe Golden Pillar of Artemisia Stonegate
5821 11/01/2008 Helen Might de Gunthorpe Paon d'Argent Stonegate
5820 06/08/2006 Helen Might de Gunthorpe Peacock's Heart Stonegate
5819 11/18/2017 Fedor Poriadnich Defender of the Citadel Stonegate
5818 04/15/2017 Fedor Poriadnich Quodlibet Stonegate
5817 03/18/2017 Fedor Poriadnich Iron Talon Stonegate
5816 11/19/2016 Fedor Poriadnich Golden Gryphon's Talon Stonegate
5815 06/18/2011 Fedor Poriadnich Swan and Escallop Stonegate
5814 11/03/2007 Fedor Poriadnich Award of Arms Stonegate
5813 10/20/2007 Fedor Poriadnich Award of Arms Stonegate
5812 03/24/2007 Fedor Poriadnich Heart of Three Mountains (Premier) (Three Mountains/An Tir) Stonegate
5811 09/30/2006 Fedor Poriadnich Baron's Favor (Three Mountains/An Tir) Stonegate
5810 09/30/2006 Fedor Poriadnich Baroness' Favor (Three Mountains/An Tir) Stonegate
5809 06/10/2006 Fedor Poriadnich Mountain's Pride (Three Mountains/An Tir) Stonegate
5808 02/21/2004 Fedor Poriadnich Golden Torc (Three Mountains/An Tir) Stonegate
5807 06/14/2003 Edmund de Port Order of the Chivalry Stonegate
5806 03/01/2003 Edmund de Port Paon d'Argent Stonegate
5805 06/08/2002 Edmund de Port Defender of the Citadel Stonegate
5804 03/09/2002 Edmund de Port Gryphon's Heart of Artemisia Stonegate
5803 06/08/2001 Edmund de Port Peacock's Heart Stonegate
5802 03/14/1998 Edmund de Port Award of Arms Stonegate
5801 01/31/1998 Edmund de Port Swan and Escallop Stonegate
5800 01/31/1998 Edmund de Port Iron Talon Stonegate
5799 06/16/2012 Da’od Ibn Roj’ar Golden Gryphon's Talon Stonegate
5798 06/16/2012 Da’od Ibn Roj’ar Award of Arms Stonegate
5797 11/19/2011 Cristina Louise More   Award of Arms Stonegate