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An announcement for Combat Archery

ATTENTION ALL COMBAT CROSSBOW “persons”, At last! !!!!! I bring to you at little cost but a great deal of work the word we have been waiting for, We finally have official Society permission to use the Crutch Tip bolts, that we have been using here in Artemesia for the past seven years. The Society Combat Archery Deputy, Baroness Sara de la Val wants me to make clear to you , that these bolts have been approved society wide under experimental status that will last for not less than one year. Be aware that using these bolts in other kingdoms, will require that you still get the permission of the Marshall in Charge . Where as these bolts will be under higher scrutiny , please keep me informed as to any problems and wars that they are used at successfully. I will let you know as soon as the experimental status is lifted, but use them now as you will.

If you are a new crossbow combat archer, and need some guidance on how to make your own bolts, please get in touch with me . I am also going to teach a class on bolt making at Uprising. I am also glad to hear from my fellow combat archers, so let me know how I may be of service.

Yours in Service to the King and Queen
Sir Robert de Spencer