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Call for Letters of Intent for Minister of Arts and Sciences

It has come to the attention of the kingdom that the Minister of Arts and Sciences warrant has concluded and with this comes a call for Letters of Intent. Letters accepted through October 31st. Decision before A&S in November.

Interested candidates must comply with the following expectations:
- Accepting and communicating monthly (and as needed) with local MOAS officers of the kingdom, maintaining open communications.
- Maintaining a functioning office for the kingdom as well as providing occasional trouble shooting and conflict resolution with groups within the kingdom.
- Understanding and abiding by all expectations of the office through Corpora, referring to the Society Office for any expectations above Kingdom level.
- Quarterly reporting to Society including incidents, concerns, activities and more on the kingdom's involvement in the Arts & Sciences.
- Involvement in Kingdom level Arts & Sciences events such as Collegiums, Competitions and possible Known World events that may be placed on the calendar.
And more...

If you feel you are qualified and especially passionate about the Arts and Sciences within this our great Kingdom as well as the greater Society, please submit your letter of intent with any desired resumes to myself (seneschal@artemisia.sca.org), as well as the Crown (crown@artemisia.sca.org), our Heirs (heirs@artemisia.sca.org), and Current Minister of Arts and Sciences (moas@artemisia.sca.org).

Letters of intent will be accepted until October (date pending) and a final decision will be announced by November (date pending).

Thank you.

Kingdom Seneschal