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Letters of Intent for Artemisian Kingdom Seneschal

This role will oversee the goings on of the region known as Artemisia; including, but not limited to, all groups, major events, conflicts, maintaining officer warrants, overseeing local pollings, group creation and disbandment, mundane legal matters, law changes and updates, and more. This role is also a voting member of the Kingdom Financial Committee deciding matters of financial concern within our borders working very closely with the Kingdom Exchequer and The Crown. This office is required to report to their Society superior on a quarterly basis and remain up-to-date with all Known World advancements, changes and opportunities. Overseeing a large scope of Kingdom officers and providing assistance and guidance when necessary.

The person selected for this role must be an excellent communicator. Consistent and reliable internet access is a must. Verbal contact over telephone is also highly encouraged. They must be extremely organized and able to set and maintain deadlines with ease.
Communication must also extend to a person’s ability to handle conflict on a small and large scale, maintain a dignified presence on social media and all forms of communication as well as be able to respond to requests and inquiries within a reasonable timeline.
Discretion and maturity are invaluable in this position. It does not lend well to gossip. The Kingdom Seneschal must be very well versed in Society Laws, Kingdom Laws and be able to understand/find information about mundane laws; including financial policies and expectations.
This is a team leader. There are many officers managing a variety of roles for the kingdom and the Kingdom Seneschal acts as a liaison, confidant, cheerleader, and occasional corrective action taker.

Real Talk:
This is a back-stage position. This job lands you smack in the muck where The Dream does not often visit. Your events are often filled with “can I talk to the seneschal?” Your email and voicemails are often filled with “Can I have a second of your time?” These are not bad things, but you must understand that this role does not sleep. You must allow yourself a very strong support system and set very clear boundaries (phone times, etc.) to allow yourself some peace. You will have many people that have held this office in the past available for guidance. Use them.

Letters of intent must include a mundane resume as well as an SCA resume, as best as can be pulled together in order to allow an opportunity for full evaluation of candidates. Letters of intent must be received no later than February 28th. A candidate will be chosen and announced on March 31st, 2019. The successful candidate will serve as the Kingdom Seneschal’s Deputy until July 30th when they will assume the role fully.

Please send complete letters of intent (Letter & 2 resumes) to:
Nikki McCorristin
Kingdom Seneschal

Angela Stephens
Kingdom Exchequer

TRM’s Yuri and Sumaya
Crown Artemisia