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Sex offender reporting procedure

1. If someone discovers a person in the SCA is on a sex offender registry,

they are to contact the Kingdom Seneschal ( seneschal@artemisia.sca.org ).

The Kingdom Seneschal will contact the Society Seneschal and forward

all relevant information about the matter.

2. A preliminary determination of the danger this person poses to the

Society and it’s members will be made. If the danger is immediate, the

Society Seneschal will expel that person immediately. Expulsion by

a Kingdom will not be necessary in these circumstances.

3. An SCA Investigator will obtain the Court Records to view the nature

of the crime, the penalty imposed and conduct interviews, where

appropriate, and to gather information and records.

4. The matter will be presented at the next Board meeting to make

a final determination and take any appropriate action in the matter.

Mike Watkins

Society Seneschal