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Saturday, July 14, 2018 - 00:00

When the last Dragon flew upon skies of blue. She shed her
tears in sorrow of being forgotten. But we the Shire of Stan
Wyrm remember her yearly in our event the Dragons Tear.
Harkin all good gentles of the Kingdom of Artemisia as we, the Shire of
Stan Wyrm, invite one and all to our glorious event Dragons Tear. Here
we hold our Championship Tourneys for Hard Suit Fighters and Rapier
Fighters in honor of the Dragons of old, along with classes in the Arts
&Sciences and Youth Activities as well. A cool lunch is planned for the
afternoon during the heat of the day. The site is a state park for very
discreetly wet, so please make use of period containers.

Giant Springs State Park, 4803 Giant Springs Road, Heritage Area
in Great Falls, MT 59405. Site is discreetly wet.

Site fees:
Adult Event Registration $20; Adult Member Discount Event
Registration $15.

Feast fee:
$5. Reservations deadline is the 15th of June so please reserve
your spot. Make checks payable to SCA Inc., Shire of Stan Wyrm.

Take your best route to Great Falls, MT.
From the east (highway 87):
Turn right onto 57th Street S. (57th street turns into River Drive), then turn right onto Giant Springs Rd.
From the west/I-15:
Take exit 280 for Central Ave W toward US-87 N;
Turn left onto River Drive N.; turn left onto Giant Springs Rd., then look
for the signs.

Event Steward:
Lord Morgan the Bald
(Mark Masters)
406-564-6702; email:

Feast Steward:
Lady Saffee