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Dragon's Tear - Cancelled

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Saturday, July 11, 2020 - 00:00
NOTICE: This event is subject to being canceled if, at the time the event is to be held, modern civil authorities have issued restrictive orders related to public gatherings pursuant to their COVID-19 mitigation efforts. Unto the Populace of Artemisia the Shire of Stan Wyrm sends Greetings. As we enter High Summer in Northern Artemisia and we welcome long days and fair weather we hear rumblings that the long sleeping Dragon stirs. So join us on July 11, 2020 to prepare should the Dragon Strike. We bid all Archers, Heavy and Rapier fighters to come together to show us your prowess so we may chose new Champions to protect us from the dreaded dragon. We will hold our Rapier and Heavy Tournaments on Site, Thrown weapons and Archery Championships will be held at Northern Summer Faire. Lord Morgan is holding classes, if you would like to teach please contact him. We hope to have something for everyone. A Bardic competition to determine our new Bardic Champion will take place in the eve. A luncheon Feast will be prepared and menu will be released on the FB Event Announcement. At this time please contact Lord Morgan at mark.masters75@gmail.com to make reservations or to notify of dietary concerns by June 25th. Site: Giant Springs State Park, Heritage Picnic Area, 74803 Giant Springs Road, Great Falls, MT 59405. Site opens at 10:00 am and closes at 8:00 pm. Feast will be around 2:00 pm. Please see updated event announcement on Facebook for schedule. Registration: Adult Event Registration $15; Adult Member Discount Event Registration $10 (must present proof of SCA membership). Children under 18 years are guests of the Shire. Feast: $8.00; children under 10 years old are guests of the Shire. Please contact Lord Morgan for Reservations by June 25th. Please make all checks payable to Shire of Stan Wyrm, SCA, Inc. Directions: Take your best route to Great Falls, MT. From the west take the 10th Street S exit. Stay on 10th Ave. Take a left on 26th St S. (26th St S will become 26th ST. N) Continue from * below. From the east stay on 10th Ave S. Take a right on 26th St S. (26th St S will become 26th ST. N). Continue from * below. * Then, take a left from 26th St N onto 8th Ave N. Take a right at the stop sign at 25th St. S. Cross the railroad tracks, at the next Stop sign take a right onto River Road. Stay on River Road. Giant Springs Road will be marked with a sign for Giant Springs State Park. Take a left onto Giant Springs Road. Heritage picnic area will be on the right across from Giant Springs State Park. Event Steward: Lord Morgan the Bald (Mark S. Masters) Phone: 406-564-6702; email: mark.masters75@gmail.com Feast Steward: TBA MOAS: Lord Morgan the Bald (Mark S. Masters) Phone: 406-564-6702; email: mark.masters75@gmail.com Knight Marshal: Sir Odde ap Tam (Joe Park) Phone: 406-984-9079; email: bardicsquire@yahoo.com