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Ramon de Javier
Provo, UT

Fall Coronation

Fall Coronation at Arrow’s Flight 
As the summer moon begins to wane, so too does the reign of our illustrious majesties. But hope springs anew the mantel of their majesties falls to their heirs before the long winter returns. Join the Shire of Arrow’s Flight for Fall Coronation as we welcome the new rulers of the griffin thrones. 
It will be a day of celebration as we honor our former and new monarchs with tournaments and displays of prowess. 
We invite you to join us at the Castle Amphitheater in Provo, Utah September 17th from 9 AM – 8 PM. 

Toys for Tots

Good nobles, we need your help to gather new toys for the most deserving children we serve and to hunt down the cruel toy-thieving werewolf in our midst.

Toys for Tots

Lord Ramon De Javier invites you to his Casa De Suerte in the illustrious Province of Arrow's Flight. Try your hand at games of skill and chance from all over Europe and the Known World as we bid to gather the most unique and rare tokens from throughout Artemisia and beyond. Pit your skill against the master gamers of the Kingdom of Artemisia to win both victory and glory in a day of fun and games. But all this leisure is not without merit as we will be gathering gifts for children most deserving for Toys for Tots.


Choose carefully! Will you fight alongside the besieged
Order of Saint John? Or will you join the Ottoman fleet of
Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent? Heavy and rapier fighters
can look forward to exciting castle and boat scenarios, as well as
champions tournaments. Live cannons aren’t allowed on site (we checked,
sorry!), but we can have an archery competition! Bards and performers
are encouraged to join us for an evening of dancing and music Saturday
night at the hafla. As the Ottoman fleet approaches, all of the crops have


Mmmm, Candy! There's Sugar, Songs, and Shields! Come
join the Province of Arrow's Flight as we host a day of
dessert banqueting, martial parades, games, classes and
music. Heavy and Rapier Fighters will find plenty to do as we have a
tournament of pomp and circumstance. Bards and performers are invited
to pose riddles of all kinds in a bardic competition based on Elizabethan
impresa. Classes on candy making, banner painting, marzipan sculpting
tournament display, and Elizabethan dinnerware will be just part of the


As the autumn gives way to winter once again there are
children in need of cheering to keep the winter demons at
bay. In order to meet this need we invite all to come together
for the Province of Arrows’ Flight annual Toys for Tots Event. We will
be holding our traditional toy drive at our semi traditional site of the
American Fork Sr. Center on Nov 3, 2018 with site opening at 10:00 am
and closing at 8:00 pm. Please come enjoy the day’s activities and feast
with us while bringing together toys to help the hearts of children in need.


Hark! The Castle of Arrows’ Flight is under siege and calls
for help! Warriors of armor, rapier, bow and axe, we need
your might! Artisans we need your skills! And dancers,
bards, we need your spirit! Come to Castle Crusades in the southern
Province of Arrows’ Flight to help us fight off our besiegers (or be the
besiegers, that’s fun too).