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Lady Rahmut al Tiyyabba
HE Til the Lucky
HE Isabeau Lia Rossedal
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Billings, MT

FALL BALL (aka Bad Garb Ball)

We are hosting a Bad Garb Ball this fall to celebrate the worst of Hollywood costuming over the years. Have you ever watched historically based movies or television and witnessed the “Historical Garb” they choose to place on screen? Some is beautiful, others are quite questionable. Have you ever wanted to make some for your personal use? Don’t be shy! Now it is your turn to recreate the best of the worst. Bring out your gold lame’, sequins, pleather, movie maille, plastic armor. There are so many choices.

King's Road

To all good gentles, nobles, most excellent of Excellencies, revered Royal Highnesses, and beloved of Royal Majesties. Harken to a tale of a festival the like that only occurs once a mid-summer along our good King’s Road.

The tale, or so this humble bard has heard tell, centers around a wonderfully festive event, that each year appears at a location only the stars and seers seem to portend.


Come one, come all, to a celebration of learning and sharing
of knowledge! Join us for a day of classes and a competition
for our new Baronial A&S champion. We will also be
holding various game class with a cribbage tournament. We will be having
forging and armoring classes as well.