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Vernal, UT

Artemisian Games

What are your favorite memories of activities in the SCA? Is it crown
tournament or the non-belted list at uprising? Perhaps the brewing
tournament at Lochtoberfest? One of my favorites is the George and the
Dragon tournament at Artemisian Games. The Incipient Shire of
Dragonmarch is proud to announce the return of the beloved Artemisian
Games. The ancient and exciting event returns on the last weekend of July
2019 in beautiful Dry Fork Canyon.
Heavy armor activities will include the ever-popular George and the dragon


Greetings good populace of the great and noble kingdom of
Artemisia. Have you heard the rumors of rumbling in the
East? A beast is stirring! A great and terrifying, flaming beast of Artemisia
is arising once again. In the eastern reaches of our beautiful kingdom the
great Shire of Dragonmarch is reborn. The populace of all Artemisia is
invited to celebrate the rebirth of the dragon of Eastern Artemisia. The
celebration of the rebirth will occur on April 13 in the beautiful and historic