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Loch Salann

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Lord Heinrich Eisen(Matt Danielson)
HE Hoggar Hanson
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HE Bronwyn Morgan
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Salt Lake City, UT

Melee Madness

Barony and Kingdom!
Come (virtually) from near and far to join us for Melee Madness! It is the time of year when the Barony of Loch Salann welcomes the coming summer and celebrates it with a day of gathering and joy!


As we wait out this time of separation we begin to prepare for the time of togetherness.

Fighters, make ready your arms and armor, battle may yet loom before you as we hear rumors of that which swims below in the brine.

Solstice Court

Join the Barony of Loch Salann on December 12th for Solstice Court (Online)! This year we give our thanks and gratitude to Their Excellencies, Hoggar and Bronwyn as they pass forward the Baronial coronets to the able and willing hands and heads of Raven and Sajah. Come compete in our annual (digital for now) Cribbage Tournament. We will have classes, performances, and other distractions (via the interwebs) to take your mind and heart from the woes of the plague. Morning court will begin at 10:00 am, the cribbage tourney will begin at noon, and closing court will take place at 5:00pm in the eve. Mark your calendars, more details to follow!

Spring Coronation -Postponed-

Greetings Kingdom populace.

Their Majesties and Highnesses have announced that Coronation has been postponed. Please know it is not with a light heart that this has been discussed, and the decision was made.

Thank you
Cathryn Anne,
Kingdom Seneschal

Heirs have been found, and the treasury of Lakhan and
Vigdis has been refilled with plunder, so they are off to other
adventures, leaving the Kingdom in the capable hands of
Daman and Veronique! Come join us for a day of celebration.

Defenders Tournament

To all Nobles of the great Kingdom of Artemisia! The Barony of Loch Salann calls for aid! The year is 793, the place is The Island of Lindisfarne, and the Vikings are coming. And this time they brought company. From the great depths of the ocean, they have called the Great Brine Shrimp to help them raid the HolyIsland! Their Excellencies Hoggar and Bronwyn call the rapier fighters,armored combat fighters and their consorts to come help them defend theIsland!

Solstice Court

Come one and all and join in as Hoggar and Bronwyn, 14th Baron and 15th Baroness of Loch Salann
celebrate a year of holding these lands for the Crown of Artemisia. To ward off the chill of Winter there
will be music, song, dance, games, camaraderie, a grand procession, and of course good spirits and
cheer. There are even rumors that Father Christmas will be there to hear children’s pleas to ward off

Barons War!!!

At the height of summer whisperings have been heard around the Great Lands of Artemisia.
Whisperings of misplaced things. First, a few small seafaring vessels went missing. A moose
(pardon, an elk) or two seemed to have walked away. It appears that our cousins to the north
have misplaced some water fowl while others have had colorful birds simply fly away. Stranger
still, from the north we have heard of the unfortunate mis-placement of some bronze helms.
What could possibly be happening to cause all of this? We can only be grateful that these


After 36 Years (more or less) The Ramp of Despair is still
giggling at you! The Staircase of Doom continues to give
you the finger behind your back! Come help us celebrate
yet another Loch Salann Melee Madness!! This unique & ancient event
will occur on June 1st & 2nd 2019, at its equally unique, incredibly ancient
and honorable site at the castle in back of the Utah State Hospital in Provo,
Utah. Fighting, archery, thrown weapons, relaxing in the sun – what more
could you want? Come on out! Join the crowd! Enjoy the day! Opening