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1000 Eyes

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HE Sheelaegh mac Cathail(Jeanne Warr)
HE Duke Alan Youngforest
HE Avelyn ingen Uilliam(Lynn Williams)
Idaho Falls, ID

One Thousand Eyes Baroness' Champion Event

The year is 1144… Civil war – unforgiving and cruel- rages in England.
King Stevan (HE Stephan) fights to retain his throne against the pretender the Empress
Maud (HE Amber). A fight which stretches to the furthest corners of the realm, ever to
the Barony of One Thousand Eyes!

A rapier tourney is planned to choose the Captain of the Musketeers to lead Empress
Maud’s (HE Amber’s) army. Plus, a heavy tourney to choose the captain of King
Steven’s (HE Stephan’s) army is also planned.

Mid-Winter Celebration II

When the geese have flown South and the snows of the North have settled upon our fair lands It’s a time to make merry! We are eagerly awaiting the warmth of spring! As the depths of winter grip our fair and bountiful lands, the Barony of One Thousand Eyes bids you to come and join us in a Mid-Winter Celebration on January 18, 2020.

Thousand Eyes Baronial Investiture and Birthday

Oyez, Oyez, The Barony of One Thousand Eyes is proud to announce the Investiture of their 13th Baron and Baroness. This grand event will take place on Saturday, November 23rd, 2019, in Blackfoot, ID. The site will be the Jason Lee Memorial United Methodist Church. Site will open at 10:00 a.m. Court will begin at 11:00, with the stepping down of Their Excellencies Avelyn and Alan, and the stepping up of Their Excellencies Stephan and Denise of Amberly (Amber)!

Uprising War XXXII

Let it be known throughout the land that there will be an Uprising War in the Barony of 1000 Eyes June 12th through June 16th, 2019. There will be fighting in all forms – heavy, rapier, archery and thrown weapons. Exhibitions of skill, tournaments and competitions to delight the eyes and hearts of the populace both young and old alike will be held for your enjoyment. Merchants aplenty will be displaying their wonderful goods for the satisfaction of your shopping desires.


As the spring brings new growth and green back to the land,
it will be time to select a new Champion for Baroness
Avelyn. There will be a great Heavy tournament to
determine who shall show their chivalry and honor to take on this great
charge. If weather and terrain allow, there will thrown weapons, to display
the prowess and determination of those who defend from afar. Classes
will be held, specific topics to be announced later.
Mairsile's Challenge:


As the depths of winter grip our fair and bountiful lands, the
Barony of One Thousand Eyes bids you to come and join us
in a Mid-Winter Celebration on January 19, 2019. The festivities will be
held at York Grange. Address is 954 W. 65 S., Idaho Falls, 83402. Site
opens at 10:00 am and closes at 10:00 pm. Site is damp, so brewing entries
will be allowed.


The Barony of One Thousand Eyes would like to invite all
to attend our Baronial Birthday which will be held Saturday,
10 am to 9 pm, December 1, 2018. It will be a day full of honor, chivalry,
pageantry, socializing, classes, shopping, fighting, feasting and celebrating
the birthday of the Heart of Artemisia.


WHAT DO WE WANT?!!!! WAR!!!!! And shopping...
Hear Ye, Hear Ye, All goode people and denizens of the
Known World alike! It is never too early to prepare for WAR!!! After the
cold has fled our lands and the Sun is approaching its zenith, Uprising War
will once again be held in the Barony of One Thousand Eyes in the
Kingdom of Artemisia June 13th through June 17th, 2018. There will be
fighting, exhibitions of skill, tournaments and competitions of all sorts to