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Sentinels' Keep

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Lady Sarah Douglas (Sarah Dobrovolny)
Hersir Morgan of Hawksreach(Morgan Thomas)
HE Banbarun Caointiarn(Karen Ostrowski)
Missoula/Butte, MT

Spring Feast

Greetings! You are cordially invited to join the Barony of Sentinel’ Keep as we celebrate the
Arts and Sciences at Spring Feast!

Harvest Court - Cancelled

NOTICE: This event is subject to being canceled if, at the time the event is to be held, modern civil authorities have issued restrictive orders related to public gatherings pursuant to their COVID-19 mitigation efforts.

Spring Feast 2020

Greetings all! Spring is coming on fast and with that comes time for great joy and….you guessed
it….a FEAST! Spring Feast will be held March 28, 2020 and will be held a short drive south of
Missoula. We have several fun activities planned. Intrigued?

Read on!

A&S Championship!


As Autumn’s chill reminds us that another long Northern Artemisian winter is close at hand, the Barony of Sentinels’ Keep welcomes you to warm your hearts at Harvest Court. Let us gather and rekindle the joy of hearth and home; remembering what drew us to the SCA in the beginning and what unites us still.


Word comes from the North: The Kingdom of Avacal prepares once again to journey to our northern borders for Whipping Winds XVI. The call goes out to all Artemisia to muster at Whipping Winds to meet and greet our cousins from Avacal, hosted by the Barony of Sentinels’ Keep and the Shire of Stan Wyrm. Fighting, Archery, Thrown Weapons, Dancing and Music, Arts and Classes, and Shopping! All are to be found in abundant supply amongst the trees along the shore of the Marias River.

Northern Summer Faire - Collaboration of all Northern groups

Collaboration of all Northern groups – Barony of Sentinels’ Keep Sponsor
July 25-28, Smith Park, 1190 Ten Mile Rd., Dillon, MT 59725

Come and join the North in a new event that includes the participation of all northern groups. Barony of
Sentinels’ Keep has chosen to give up Hellsgate and Silver Keep has chosen to give up Courtly Graces in an effort to build
a single, bigger, better event. All the northern groups will collaborate together to make Northern Summer Faire a fun,
all-inclusive event for the whole family! This year will be our trial run.


Greetings good gentles! Spring is fast approaching and the
Barony of Sentinels’ Keep invites you to join us in a
celebration of the season! Spring Feast will be held March
23, 2019 and will be held a short drive south of Missoula. We have several
fun activities planned, and invite you all to join us.
A&S Championship!


Greetings good gentles! Cold winds and shorter days mean
that winter is approaching the fair lands of Artemisia, and
it is time once more to gather in the Barony of Sentinels’
Keep, where we shall rejoice in the fruits of a bountiful season at our annual
Harvest Court celebration, held this year on October 13, 2018, in the fair
community of Anaconda, MT. There will be feasting. There will be
fighting. There will be tournaments for Armored and Rapier fighters.
There will be social gatherings. There will be classes. There will be


Travel to the Northern Realms for the last celebration of
summer camping season! Join the Barony of Sentinels’ Keep
and the Shire of Stan Wyrm at Williamson Park in Shelby
Montana and celebrate in jubilant Northern style as Hordes from Avacal
cross the border once again to celebrate our friendship.


This year Hellsgate will be held at a new site! Come and help
us break it in and see if it will measure up to be our new
Hellsgate home! While the water slide is gone, the Beaverhead River runs
along the entire side of the site.