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Stan Wyrm

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THL Allasan Tamelyn
Great Falls, MT

Dragon’s Tear

Unto the Populace of Artemisia the Shire of Stan Wyrm sends Greetings. As we enter High Summer in Northern Artemisia and we welcome long days and fair weather we hear rumblings that the long sleeping Dragon stirs. So Join us on July 13,2019 to prepare should the Dragon Strike. We bid all Archers, Heavy and Rapier fighters to come together to show us your prowess so we may chose new Champions to protect us from the dreaded dragon.


Greetings to Artemisia!

The Shire of Stan Wyrm is hosting the 36th anniversary of the founding of our Shire on February 9, 2019. This event will include our Shire's annual Arts and Sciences Competition, and our Queen of Love and Beauty contest. A fundraiser lunch and a silent auction is also planned. Please join us for these activities!


When the last Dragon flew upon skies of blue. She shed her
tears in sorrow of being forgotten. But we the Shire of Stan
Wyrm remember her yearly in our event the Dragons Tear.
Harkin all good gentles of the Kingdom of Artemisia as we, the Shire of
Stan Wyrm, invite one and all to our glorious event Dragons Tear. Here
we hold our Championship Tourneys for Hard Suit Fighters and Rapier
Fighters in honor of the Dragons of old, along with classes in the Arts