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Lady Rahmut al Tiyyabba (Gina Skau)
HE Til the Lucky(Bruce Miller)
HE Isabeau Lia Rossedal(Jennifer Miller)
Baroness Email: 
Billings and surrounding area, MT

12th Night

Welcome one and all as the Barony of Bronzehelm
celebrates the New Year. There is no better way to make
new friends and keep the old! We are excited to give those
traveling so far, a small reprieve as we break in a new site.
We have many activities planned for those of all ages. There will be
battles to determine our new armored and rapier Baronial champions. We
will enjoy the wondrous talents of our bards to choose our champion. The
themes of the competitions will be posted on social media as the event


The Eastern lands though now guarded by our Beloved
Baron and Baroness are now rich with gold and bounty,
drawing the ever present threat of conquest nigh. It is as
this time our lands must have champions to defend us against that ever
growing threat. Come join Bronzehelm to take part in our Conquest of
the Wastelands to determine our Baronial Archery and Thrown Weapons
Champions. This Two Day camping event is filled with Archery, Thrown
Weapons, Armored and Rapier combat as well as many festivities


Come one, come all, to a celebration of learning and sharing
of knowledge! This year, the theme of Schola is
‘Beginnings’. We want to highlight newcomers and bring
them basic information on a wide range of topics. Her Excellency Isabeau
will be teaching her SCA 101 class and Baroness Shauna will be teaching
Heraldry 101. Other classes and teachers will be announced closer to the
event. All teachers welcome – please contact the event steward with details
(contact information below).