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Cote du Ciel

Logan, Willard, Brigham City, UT

Coronation at Harvest War

The coronation of Yuri and Sumayya will be held among the changing colors at Box Elder Campground in Mantua, Utah, set against the backdrop of Harvest War. Join us as we hold the dreaded Zucchini Cartel at bay long enough to ensure a successful transfer of the Crown. All your favorite Harvest War activities will be there, along with all the excitement and pageantry of Coronation. Join us in the mountains for one of the last weekends before the snows gain hold on our high desert kingdom once again.



Nestled in the beautiful Cache Valley sits the Shire of Cote du Ciel. As the warming spring sun melts the ice and snow in the passes, a celebration and feast are prepared for our own Patron Saint, Pyr, whose tale is long and filled with fire and frostbite. Please join with the good people of Cote du Ciel on the 21st of April, 2018 (Gregorian), for a day filled with frivolous fun, good friends and wonderful food. There will be heavy and rapier tournaments, a bardic competition and an arts and sciences competition and display.