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Crystal Crags

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Kalispell, MT

Barbarian Bash

Old Man Winter casts his baleful eye upon the land. Once
verdant fields have donned a tawny hue. Soon the days will
shorten and the fields and firths become frosted and the
barbarians of the north hungrily gather for their raids. Hear the bloodthirsty
howls on the northern winds as they blow through the Shire of Crystal
Crags. Attend, ye all, the shire in this hour of need. Don thy armor and
draw thy blades for glory and honor await! Now is the time to find a
champion who will lead us and protect the north from the bloodthirsty

GALLOW GAMES Save the Griffin!

Your Majesties and Illustrious Nobles of the Realm,
Our scouts have reported an invasion of Red Northern
Griffins from Avacal in our northern forests. The cold winter has pushed
these foul beasts out of their realms and into the lands populated by our
beloved Golden Griffins. Something must be done! As such, I have
assigned members of the shire to build a base camp from which we shall
venture out to slay these mighty beasts and harvest their pelts and feathers.