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Kingdom Officers

Device Office SCA Name Office Email
The Maple Editor maple@artemisia.sca.org
Deputy Minister for Martial Studies martial-studies@artemisia.sca.org
University Registrar university-registrar@artemisia.sca.org
Minister of the Arts and Sciences Giliana Attewatyr arts@artemisia.sca.org
Emergency Deputy Arts Minister Magdelena Lucia Ramberti deputy-arts@artemisia.sca.org
Chancellor of the University Praxilla Taurina chancellor-university@artemisia.sca.org
Kingdom Chatelain Illora of the west lea chatelain@artemisia.sca.org
Kingdom Chronicler Sofia Ivarsdottir sage-advice@artemisia.sca.org
Kingdom Deputy Exchequer Aingeal inghean Garaidh deputy-exchequer@artemisia.sca.org
Kingdom Deputy Exchequer for NMS and Heraldic Fees Aingeal inghean Garaidh nms-heraldry-deputy@artemisia.sca.org
Chancellor of the Exchequer Sevati Chikkaya exchequer@artemisia.sca.org
Keeper of the Royal Regalia Ankharet verch Meredudd royal-regalia@artemisia.sca.org
Kingdom Accounts Deputy Ailesh accounts-deputy@artemisia.sca.org
Wormwood Pursuivant (Precedence) Dunkr Ormstunga precedence-herald@artemisia.sca.org
Black Pillar Herald (Internal submissions) Romil Zherebtsov deputy-submission-herald@artemisia.sca.org
Golden Hand Herald (Silent Heraldry) Magdalena Lucia Ramberti golden-hand-herald@artemisia.sca.org
Golden Pillar Herald (External Submissions) Sneferu sa Djedi submission-herald@artemisia.sca.org
Golden Wing Principal Herald Conchobhar mac Michil principal-herald@artemisia.sca.org
Golden Zule Herald (Notifications) Joel de Grace golden-zule-herald@artemisia.sca.org
Sable Plume Clerk of the Signet Tamsyn Sutherland signet@artemisia.sca.org
Sage Herald (Emergency Principal Herald) Aeschine Larke deputy-herald@artemisia.sca.org
Deputy Rapier Marshal Turi MacCarthy deputy-rapier@artemisia.sca.org
Youth Combat Marshal Yuri the Yakslapper/Eideard McCash youth-combat@artemisia.sca.org
Archer General William Thorsson archery@artemisia.sca.org
Earl Marshal Marcello daDonnici marshal@artemisia.sca.org
Minister of the Lists and Tourney Circuit lists@artemisia.sca.org
Minister of the Marshallate Rolls Morgan of Hawksreach rolls@artemisia.sca.org
Cut & Thrust Deputy Marshal Douglas Holladay cut-and-thrust@artemisia.sca.org
Deputy Earl Marshal Brynjolfr Fjallgeirsson deputy-marshal@artemisia.sca.org
Rapier Marshal Killian Flynn Macthoy rapier@artemisia.sca.org
Deputy List Minister Morgan ferch Cennydd of Hawksreach
Deputy Marshal - Combat Archery Robert de Spencer combat-archery@artemisia.sca.org
Deputy Marshal - Thrown Weapons Andrew of Harris upon York thrown-weapons@artemisia.sca.org
Waiver Deputy Juliana nic Lachlainn waivers@artemisia.sca.org
Kingdom Seneschal Sumayya bint Sulieman seneschal@artemisia.sca.org
Disaster Relief Coordinator Malkin Allardson relief@artemisia.sca.org
Calendar Deputy Seneschal Fiametta da Trastavere calendar-seneschal@artemisia.sca.org
Emergency Seneschal Juliana nic Lachlainn
Clerk of Law Juliana Nic Lachlain lawclerk@artemisia.sca.org
Northern Regional Deputy Seneschal northern-seneschal@artemisia.sca.org
Online Meeting Coordinator Karl Braden von Sobernheim meetings@artemisia.sca.org
Southern Regional Deputy Seneschal southern-seneschal@artemisia.sca.org
Kingdom Social Media Officer Dunkr Ormstunga socialmedia@artemisia.sca.org
Deputy Webminister Jevan de Berwyn deputy-webminister@artemisia.sca.org
Webminister Kamei Kojirou Yoshinaga webminister@artemisia.sca.org
Deputy Minister - Southern Region Available
Deputy Youth Minister - Middle Region Available
Deputy Youth Minister - Northern Region Available
Kingdom Youth Minister Ísgerðr Bjargeyjardóttir (Isgerthr Bjargeyjardottir) youthminister@artemisia.sca.org