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SCA Covid-19 Disclaimer

Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events. By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks. You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.

If you are interested in serving our kingdom please check out our help wanted page!
Device Office SCA Name Office Email
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Sabine Crespelle (She/Her) dei@artemisia.sca.org
University Registrar university-registrar@artemisia.sca.org
Chancellor of the University Praxilla Taurina chancellor-university@artemisia.sca.org
Emergency Deputy Arts Minister Magdelena Lucia Ramberti deputy-arts@artemisia.sca.org
Minister of the Arts and Sciences Magdalena Lucia Ramberti arts@artemisia.sca.org
Kingdom Chatelain Stephan Vuhs chatelain@artemisia.sca.org
Kingdom Chronicler Vadoma/Miri Nader sage-advice@artemisia.sca.org
Kingdom Deputy Exchequer Sevati Chikkaya deputy-exchequer@artemisia.sca.org
Kingdom Deputy Exchequer for NMS and Heraldic Fees Sevati Chikkaya nms-heraldry-deputy@artemisia.sca.org
Chancellor of the Exchequer Ulrich von Violett exchequer@artemisia.sca.org
Fundraiser Deputy Germaine Jambert l'Innocente fundraiser-deputy@artemisia.sca.org
Keeper of the Royal Regalia Violetta Veneziana royal-regalia@artemisia.sca.org
Kingdom Accounts Deputy Ailesh accounts-deputy@artemisia.sca.org
SCARS Event Registration Deputy Sofia Ivarsdottir event-registration-deputy@artemisia.sca.org
Wormwood Pursuivant (Precedence) Aife Ingen Muiredaig precedence-herald@artemisia.sca.org
Black Pillar Herald (Internal submissions) Morgan Glyndwr deputy-submission-herald@artemisia.sca.org
Golden Hand Herald (Silent Heraldry) Magdalena Lucia Ramberti golden-hand-herald@artemisia.sca.org
Golden Pillar Herald (External Submissions) Sneferu ex Artemisias (They/ Them) submission-herald@artemisia.sca.org
Golden Wing Principal Herald K. Braden von Sobernheim principal-herald@artemisia.sca.org
Golden Zule Herald (Notifications) Caoilfhionn ingean ui Fhlaithbheartaigh golden-zule-herald@artemisia.sca.org
Sable Plume Clerk of the Signet Tamsyn Sutherland signet@artemisia.sca.org
Sage Herald (Emergency Principal Herald) Aeschine Larke deputy-herald@artemisia.sca.org
Archer General William Thorsson archery@artemisia.sca.org
Youth Combat Marshal Yuri the Yakslapper/Eideard McCash youth-combat@artemisia.sca.org
Earl Marshal Aelwynn de Spencer marshal@artemisia.sca.org
Minister of the Lists and Tourney Circuit Malatesta Simonetti lists@artemisia.sca.org
Cut & Thrust Deputy Marshal Douglas Holladay cut-and-thrust@artemisia.sca.org
Equestrian Office Lady Sigrid Ros Ulfhild equestrian@artemisia.sca.org
Minister of the Marshallate Rolls Morgan of Hawksreach rolls@artemisia.sca.org
Deputy Earl Marshal Ronan Geirson ta Rautalahti deputy-marshal@artemisia.sca.org
Deputy List Minister Morgan ferch Cennydd of Hawksreach
Deputy Marshal - Combat Archery combat-archery@artemisia.sca.org
Rapier Marshal Killian Flynn Macthoy rapier@artemisia.sca.org
Deputy Marshal - Thrown Weapons Andrew of Harris upon York thrown-weapons@artemisia.sca.org
Deputy Rapier Marshal Turi MacCarthy deputy-rapier@artemisia.sca.org
Southern Regional Deputy Seneschal southern-seneschal@artemisia.sca.org
Disaster Relief Coordinator Malkin Allardson relief@artemisia.sca.org
Kingdom Seneschal Cathryn Anne of Newbury seneschal@artemisia.sca.org
Calendar Deputy Seneschal Wylef the Stubborn calendar-seneschal@artemisia.sca.org
Clerk of Law Juliana Nic Lachlain lawclerk@artemisia.sca.org
Emergency Seneschal Juliana nic Lachlainn
Northern Regional Deputy Seneschal northern-seneschal@artemisia.sca.org
Online Meeting Coordinator meetings@artemisia.sca.org
Deputy Seneschal deputy-seneschal@artemisia.sca.org
Kingdom Social Media Officer Saffeea Zevce Boga socialmedia@artemisia.sca.org
Deputy Webminister Muirenn de Eire deputy-webminister@artemisia.sca.org
Webminister Eys Galster webminister@artemisia.sca.org
Deputy Youth Minister - Middle Region Available
Deputy Youth Minister - Northern Region Available
Kingdom Youth Minister Ísgerðr Bjargeyjardóttir (Isgerthr Bjargeyjardottir) youthminister@artemisia.sca.org