Arts and Sciences Competition

Arts and Sciences Competition

To compete for champion a person needs to enter 5 items in 3 grand categories. All scores are averaged together so if more than 5 items are entered, all scores will be averaged, none will be dropped. Those who do not want to compete for champion are still invited to enter. It is still possible to win in a category and be recognized as Lord or Lady of ____ without competing for champion.


Largesse for 50th Year

Largesse for 50th Year

We are seeking largess for our gracious Majesties to share at the event, as well as personal gifts for Their Majesties of our exchange Kingdom, Nothshield.

We are having two displays of laresse, one at Schola in Bronzehelm on May 21st and the second at Quest in Gryphon's Lair on May 28th.

If you are interested in making donation, please check out the Facebook page and contact one of the largesse coordinators.

Don Elays Tigar at EMAIL

Baroness Jane Fox at EMAIL

Tenative Calendar

Tenative Calendar

Here is a tenative calendar wheel representing the tentative plan for this year. Since not all of the events have submitted their paperwork, it's not an official calendar.

The office of Kingdom Seneschal is now open

The office of Kingdom Seneschal is now open

The office of Kingdom Seneschal is now open and asking for Letters of Intent. HE Katya in raudhara has stepped in as interim Kingdom Seneschal, but it is only temporary. If you have questions or are just curious about this office, please contact Katya direct. Please send your Letter of Intent to TRMs Ibrahim and Esther (, Their Royal Highnesses Daman and Veronique ( and HE Katya in raudhara ( Thank you!

Viscount Etienne Dupre's Prize Tournament Announced

Viscount Etienne Dupre's Prize Tournament Announced

Prize Tournament Announced!
I, Viscount Etienne Dupre, Knight of the realm and member of the most noble order of the Pelican, declare a tournament is to be held!

It has been 20 years since I was honored by the Crown with my elevation to the Station of Knight. To celebrate this anniversary, I am pleased to invite all to participate in a feat of those arms related to the profession of Knighthood. The winner of which will receive a prize worthy of the effort.

This tourney is to be held at one of our favorite public events, The Museum Comes to Life in Boise, ID (Known in the SCA as the Barony of Arn Hold) on Saturday, September 26th, 2015.

This tourney is not about the deadliest combatant. Rather, all will be judged on their chivalry, comportment and for a lack of a better word, showmanship. This is a public demo with thousands of people passing through our medieval encampment on this day. They come to see re-enactors from all time periods and the most excellent Barony of Arn Hold is often the largest group there. It is our duty to both inform and entertain those unfortunate enough not to have visited the current middle ages until that day. So let's see YOUR show!

Tournament Style
This is an unstructured tourney. We will begin the fighting at 11am and end at 3pm. Over the course of the day, both visitors and SCA populace will be able to vote for the heavy fighter they enjoyed watching the most. (1 vote per person please). The more you fight, the more you interact with the crowd, the better show you put on, the more votes you will get. You don't need to win the fights, just put on a show for the crowd. Have fun making great (and publicly appropriate) challenges! Glorious deaths! Varied weapon styles! Come dressed in your best armor and show your stuff to an eager crowd. Be the Legionnaire, be the Crusader, be the guy in shiny Gothic armor, or yes, even the fierce Viking. At 3pm, we will stop the voting and determine the winner based on votes. Not fighting? Come in your best garb and add to the medieval atmosphere. Interact with the public and show off your crafts and vote for the most worthy combatant of the day!

When: Saturday, September 26, 2015.
All day event. Fighting starts at 11am.
Where: Julia Davis Park (by the Boise Zoo)
Boise, ID

Important details
This is a day event in a public park catering to a public audience. No camping. Pavilions will be set up with some common ones available. If you intend to set up a pavilion/shade you MUST contact us in advance as space is limited. It must be period in appearance, no pop-ups! Since this is public, be sure to keep your area neat and free from modern items as possible. (Use a period looking mug not the plastic water bottle, for example.) If you arrive after 9am, parking can be a challenge, so be prepared to drop your gear (have someone watch it) then go park.

The Prize
Since this was my 20th year, I figured we should do a grand display.
* A Lund stool
* A second stool
* A table
* A 6 board chest
* A 10x10 "sail" (Red and white Day Shade)
And it all breaks down (including the poles):

Yes, one person goes home with an entire Viking day camp just for showing the crowd what they enjoy doing. I, Sir Etienne, have final decision should there be a tie or decision needed.

So come FIGHT, DISPLAY, SHOW, CHALLENGE, and have an otherwise grand time with the Barony of Arn Hold at the Museum Comes to Life!

Feel free to contact me, Sir Etienne (EMAIL) should you have any questions about the tourney itself. You can reach the event/demo steward here: EMAIL.

Persona Research Challenge

Persona Research Challenge

Greetings Good Populace of Artemisia!

The Scholar's Guild presents its second persona research challenge. This time the focus is on art during your persona's lifetime. Choose an art and list five details or tools about the art and cite sources. This is a research based challenge so it is not necessary for you to do the art yourself. The judging criteria is the level of detail and accuracy. For example, if we take the art of Calligraphy and Illumination one can say there was parchment, ink, brushes, paint, this we know. However, this challenge is to go deeper and be more specific about what was used when and where and how.

There will be two winners this time and the prizes will be handmade journals by Maitress Jaquelinne! First place will be a large journal and second place will be a pocket sized journal. These will not be made until the winners are declared so that they have a chance to communicate with Maitress Jaquelinne and determine the aesthetics such as color and materials. If you saw Master Aaron Carter's vigil book at Uprising then you have seen an example of her work. With the challenge ending November 5th the winners should expect their prizes to be made in time for Solstice Court.

To enter this challenge simply do the research and write it up in an email to By November 5th 2015.

Office of the Chirugeonate

Office of the Chirugeonate

The decision has been made to close the Office of the Chirurgeonate as of August 10th, 2015. The board and corporate officers want to extend their gratitude for ALL who have served our organization in this capacity in the past. To those who have provided feedback, questions, and worked to explore options for scopes of the office that would allow our organization to retain the office and maintain insurance coverage for the officers and our organization, many thanks as well.

To clarify some of the concerns that have been raised during the many discussions of this change, the board and corporate officers want to provide the following information:

The Society Seneschal has been directed to remove references to the Chirurgeonate from the Record Retention Policy. Existing records should be retained for 2 years for adults, 21 years for minors, then shredded to ensure any Personally Identifying Information is destroyed.

Local groups should sort records into Adult, Minor and Destroy categories and ship (paid for by the local group) records to the corporate office. The corporate office will retain records and handle the shredding.

Each Kingdom has thirty business days to transport these records to the corporate office.

Event Coordinators/Stewards/Autocrats are still responsible for arranging for EMS on site if that is required by municipal/county/state requirements. This most often will apply to large events projecting an attendance greater than the threshold set by the applicable modern agency. It is recommended to include information regarding distance from site to medical care in event announcements, particularly for camping events.

The marshallate will still be responsible for reporting injuries on the field. Seneschals will still be responsible for reporting injuries (particularly requiring transport) as currently directed.

Tangible assets owned by SCA branches that are specific to the Office of the Chirurgeon may be retained or donated or sold, in accordance with applicable financial policies.

Over the counter medications may not be purchased by SCA branches to distribute or make available to event attendees.

The badge of the fleam will remain available for those individual volunteers (not affiliated with the SCA, Inc. and its Kingdoms and local groups) willing to provide basic first aid. Should additional questions or concerns regarding this change arise, please direct them to the SCA President, at

Our thanks again, to all the volunteers that have helped keep our organization going for 50 years!

Leslie Vaughn
President, SCA, Inc
A.J. Pongratz
Vice President of Operations, SCA, Inc.

Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to:
SCA Inc.
Box 360789
Milpitas, CA 95036

You may also email

This announcement is an official informational release by the Society for Creative Anachronism , Inc. Permission is granted to reproduce this announcement in its entirety in newsletters, websites and electronic mailing lists. ​

Financial Comittee Discussion

Financial Comittee Discussion

Greetings Artemisians,

At Uprising, the Kingdom Financial Committee had planned a discussion with the populace to answer questions regarding our current financial status. Unfortunately, the duties of the Crown were heavy and there simply was insufficient time to make this discussion happen.

The Crown, along with the Kingdom Seneschal and Kingdom Exchequer, will hold a discussion with the Populace at the following events: Hellsgate (near Missoula, MT July 9-11) at a time to be determined by the Event Steward and the Crown (tentatively 1 hour before feast on Saturday night); at Raptor War (near Boise, ID July 17-18) at a time to be determined by the Event Steward and the Crown; and at Baron’s War (near the Idaho Border August 7-8) at a time to be determined by the Event Steward and the Crown.

Two questions were sent in from the populace in response to the Kingdom Financial information letter posted a few months ago. These, along with any other questions will be covered in these discussions. If you have specific questions, please send them to

In discussions with the Branch Seneschals and Exchequers, it was determined that additional information needs to be provided by the KFC. The three main questions that additional clarification was requested included: 1) why is the Kingdom’s income not sufficient to sustain its budget; 2) specific breakdown of budgeted items; and 3) the substantial increase in travel budgets.

Also at these discussions, we will talk about cost cutting measures, current ideas and proposals to increase income, and proposed changes to travel budgets. We will also discuss our current status for 2015.

Following each of the discussions held, the information will be placed on the Kingdom Website, in the Sage and on Social Media. At that time the second quarter information should be finalized and will also be published as well.

Thank you!

Kingdom Financial Committee

Uprising - Kingdom Fundraiser

Uprising - Kingdom Fundraiser

The Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer's Office was asked to handle the Kingdom Fundraiser at Uprising. To that end...

It was determined, after a lot of discussion and input, that instead of auctioning off items, we would do something a little different. This fundraiser will provide the opportunity for our populace to donate money to the Kingdom and receive something very special -- time.

Here are the guidelines.

1. The time being offered for one hour, and must be done at Uprising. This absolutely will not extend beyond 2015 Uprising period.

2. Wonderful members of our Kingdom have generously donated their time for this fundraiser. These "Donors" are offering a couple of time frames and the types of "services" they will provide.

3. Any individual who wishes to purchase a Donor's time will do so knowing that they will receive the specific time offered by the Donor. In many cases the Donor only has small allotments of time, and they have very generously offered one of those hours to the Kingdom.

4. The types of services being offered will be as varied as the Donors offering them. The services offered could include things like one on one time for teaching, doing your Uprising chores, set up or tear down of your encampment for an hour, fighter training, mentoring, entertaining your camp with songs, and so forth. This cannot in any way include child care or anything else that goes against policy or law.

5. We will be posting a list of Donors, times and services during the days leading up to Uprising. (i.e., Duke So and So will offer training and critiques on fighting techniques on Thursday at 3:00 p.m. or Friday at 9:00 a.m.; Mistress Generous will instruct on inkle weaving or period dance on Saturday at 10:00 a.m.; and so forth). The recipient would select from the services offered (if more than one) and the time.

6. The cost for time starts at $25.00 for the hour. This will be paid at Uprising. We put this price so that everyone will be able to purchase time. However, you are free to donate more if you'd like.

7. As available times will vary, and everyone arrives at different times for Uprising, this is a first come, first serve format. There will be a sign up / donation sheet available. More information as we get closer to Uprising.

Thank you Everyone.

For those who wish to donate their time, please contact the Kingdom Exchequer

Persona Research Contest

Persona Research Contest

Unto the good peoples of Artemisia the Scholar's Guild issues a fun challenge with prizes!

Research is at the heart of what creates so much fun and enjoyment in following the dream. To encourage all to explore their personas this challenge is to write a brief overview of your persona and include five historical facts with sources cited.

This is not a creative writing contest so an entry as small as one page will suffice. If you wish to flesh out your persona even further then I applaud and encourage you!

Submit your entries to by June 1st 2015. Winners will be announced about a week later, depending on the number of entries. Afterwards we can make arrangements on how to obtain your prize. I can bring them to an event or send them to you.

Now on to how the prizes work! There will be 5 winners. First place gets you first pick of the prizes. Second place allows you to choose your prizes after the first prize winner has made their choice, and so on.

The prizes a mix of modern and medieval. They are tools I hope you find useful in your further Scholarly pursuits.

A Maruman Menomysne Journal.
This is a high quality heavy weight paper hand made in Japan.

A Rhobia Rhodiarama journal.
This is a pocket sized leather bound journal made in France with 90g vellum paper inside.

A Cross Fountain Pen
Complete with ink and ready to use.

Choice of Quill.
Several options, choose your favorite.

A woven rug bookmark.

Thank you and I look forward to reading your submission!
Yours in service
Lord Sven the Templar, Deputy Seneschal of BGL

Financial Committee Letter

Financial Committee Letter

Unto the Populace of Artemisia, does the Kingdom Financial Committee send warm greetings,

Several questions have been directed to the Crown, The Kingdom Seneschal's office and the Exchequer's office concerning the current state of the Kingdom's finances. As mentioned at Crown Court, this is intended to provide a foundation for a constructive collaboration within the Kingdom and bring about a realistic fiscal outlook. The Kingdom Financial Committee is seeking input and ideas on this topic and will be looking to provide forums for discussion when feasible. This may or may not include at events or online (facebook, surveys, webex conferences) depending on time, resources and interest.

Here is a LINK to the letter from the financial comittee.

Additionally comments or questions can be sent to the Kingdom Financial Committee at EMAIL

Calendar Change Survey

Calendar Change Survey


There are several problems with the current Kingdom Calendar:

March is the snowiest month of the year in Artemisia. Nine out of the last fourteen March Coronations have had travel impacted by snowstorms.
There are five months required of the Heirs. Which makes for a long and expensive year, along with lame duck issues.
There is a lack of pre-bid Coronations. Which makes a scramble to find good sites on short notice. Artemisia is the only Kingdom that still does this.

That leaves us with three options:

Option 1: Maintain the current Kingdom Calendar. March/September Coronations, April/October Crown Tournaments, Champions in mid-late Summer, and Kingdom Collegium in November.

Option 2: Move Coronations to January/July (specifically MLK weekend in January and 2nd weekend in July). Move Champions to Labor Day weekend. Move Kingdom Collegium to May.

Option 3: Move Coronations to April/October, move Crown Tournaments to May/November, and move Kingdom Collegium to January.

Options 2 and 3 will include opening Coronations to pre-bid falling into the Kingdom rotation cycle based on geography.

An online survey on this will be made available via the Kingdom website and announced through various Official social media avenues. The Seneschal's office would like feedback in time for a decision to be announced at Uprising. Questions, comments, concerns, and all feedback related to this subject can be sent to Their Majesties, Their Highnesses, the Kingdom Seneschal, and the Kingdom Calendar Deputy.

Yours in Service,
Baron K. Braden von Sobernheim, OL,OP,GA

The Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition

The Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition

The Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition will be held at the Day of Champions at the end of July. This year, per new kingdom rules, if there are not 4 people competing for champion, while someone can win s/he would not be the Kingdom Champion. To encourage more people to consider entering, this year while at least 5 entries are needed those entries need only fall in 2 grand categories, rather than 3.

There has been some confusion about entering Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition. First, as always, those entering need to submit to the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences the proper forms at least 2 weeks before the competition. These forms are found on the kingdom webpage in the library. They can be submitted electronically or in print. Second, those entering in the competition DO NOT have to enter for Champion. For those interested in just trying it out can enter just one or two items and can be recognized with awards for a Masterpiece or Superior in that category. Those entering just but not going for Champion can also be recognized as Lord or Lady of a Grand Category.

If you have any questions, now is the time to ask, not July 23rd.

HE Mistress Antonia

Artemisia Crown Tourament List

Artemisia Crown Tourament List

Their Majesties Ronan and Clare send congratulations to the following fighters We welcome into Our List for Artemisia's Crown Tournament to be held April 4th. They are listed below in no specific order.

Lord Sigurd Valdyr and Lady Helena Boccardi
Sir Tighearnan O Cinndeargan and Lady Cliodhana O'Fearghy
Lord Kynric de Coventry and Lady Cinara de Castille
Maestro Azir de Lucera and Mistress Gwynnyth Verch Morgan
Lord Conall O'Doibhilin and HL Aingeal inghean Garaidh
Viscount Lakhan Bornin Syn and Vicountess Vigdis Hakondottir
Viscountess Vigdis Hakondottir and Viscount Lakhan Bornin Syn
Lord Brandubh Ewebank and HL Winifred Whitehorse
Sir Gregory of Bec and Mistress Heloys de Bec
Duke Sir Ibrahim Al-Dimashqi and Mistress Esther Bat Baruch
Lord Richard Stark and Lady Sevati Stark
Duke Basil der Drache and Duchess Renee Vittoria
Bahadur Yuri the Yakslapper and Hanim Sumayya bint Suleiman
Lord Ogmundr hrokr and m'Lady Angela of the Roc
Sir Balenor Blackmere and Lady Teaghan MacLiam
Sir Roger de Palermo and Um Da'ud Rayhanna al Suri
Sir Marcello da Donnici and Her Ladyship Arrianna liDonnici
Sir Til the Lucky and Mistress Isabeau Liah Rossedal
Sir Gerald Thomas Fitzgerald and Lady Ctrine van der Naker

For the Glory of Artemisia,

Ronan, Rex Gryphus
Clare, Regina Glorianna

Change to Crown Tournament Deadline

Change to Crown Tournament Deadline

Pray Heed the words of Their Royal Majesties Ronan and Clare, Monarchs of the Gryphon Thrones

We make this Royal Decree that the deadline for Letters of Intent for Our Crown Tournament will be extended until midnight Wednesday, March 25th. This is done in part as a courtesy and in appreciation of those fighters who have recently traveled throughout the Known World in r epresentation of Artemisia and her skill at arms.

For the Glory of Artemisia,

Ronan, Rex Gryphus
Clare, Regina Glorianna

News From the Kingdom Calendar Deputy

News From the Kingdom Calendar Deputy

Spring is in full swing and the summer is approaching. Part of the important preparations include scheduling your events for 2016. I would like to have all event dates for 2016 scheduled by June 1. On July 1, I will send out the 2016 schedule and open dates will become available for groups who wish to reschedule. I have sent the historical dates for events out to the groups in the last few months, so please look it over and confirm your 2016 dates.


Internet Webex Approved


Greetings Artemisia,

In January the Kingdom Financial Committee approved to fund, for a trial period of 1 year, an internet conferencing system for use by any individuals in the Kingdom with a desired focus of administration, inter-group collaboration, training and teaching. The system chosen for this trial is Webex, an industry leader in the business world concerning these services. The technology was successfully used to hold the Kingdom Financial Committee meeting with people attending from Montana, Utah and Idaho concurrently.

The goal of having this tool is to allow any groups within the Kingdom to have access to the technology to shrink the distances between people in our immense Kingdom and facilitate our Kingdom¿s organization and collaboration. The tool allows for straight phone dial-in, smartphone application attendance as well as pc/laptop access, so we feel this is an option for the vast majority of potential users in the Kingdom.

Ideas for acceptable meetings (not a complete list)
* Kingdom Financial meetings
* Local Branch Business meetings
* Kingdom officer meetings
* Inter-branch officer meetings with Kingdom officer (i.e. Artemisian heralds)
* Peerage Order Meetings
* A&S Classes
* Officer or other service training meetings/classes.
* Cross branch planning meetings

Below are the initial guidelines for using the service, and it is my intent (Gregory) to host a few kickoff training sessions on using the tool if there is enough interest.

1. The pricepoint approved by the Kingdom financial Committee allows for only one host account. The administrator is available to host calls with enough lead time from almost anywhere (via smart phone) and give presenter rights to the leader of the meeting. The administrator will not listen in to the call and will maintain any desired confidentiality unless they are asked otherwise. We are investigating out a workaround to allow for more than one person to have access to the host account., but it will be likely limited to a few warranted Kingdom officers.

2. Use the coordination calendar ( to verify your prefered time is free on the calendar, contact the Administrator Gregory of Bec (email ( is best) with time, date, contact info of the host, and purpose of the meeting) and he will put it on the calendar and start the meeting for you at the desired time. Please let the Administrator know ASAP if you decide to cancel or move your meeting.

Current preferred allowable hours to have a call are:
Mon-Friday 4PM -10PM
Sat-Sun 10Am-10PM
Allowances can be made under special circumstances.

3. The administrator will set up the webex meeting beforehand and email out to the leader of the meeting all of the relevant information on how to attend (dial-in numbers, internet URLs, etc) which can be further disseminated.

4. The Webex system requires at least a browser-plug in to run although a more robust application is also available. Access to those items will be available in the meeting invitations.

5. The administrator will close the meeting at the agreed upon time unless contacted (preferably via email) to extend the meeting

6. 24 participant limit (excluding host). People can co-locate to increase participation.

7. Meetings can be accessed via a dial in number, smart phone/tablet application, or web application.

8. Meetings can include video sharing, desktop application sharing such as powerpoint presentations, whiteboard sharing, and calls can be recorded if desired (classes for example) for later distribution.

9. The administrator can supply a training session so any potential meeting hosts can familiarize themselves with the system.