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Award ID: 9
Award Name: Argent Plume
Award Rank: Non-armigerous
Group Type: Barony
Registered: 1
Order Closed: 0
IDSCA NameGroupDate
7925Yumitori no Kiyoshi (reg. as Aylwin Graham the Flamehaired)Deceased1991-07-20
7874Ygrainne ferch RhunSentinels' Keep2002-01-12
7605Vulcan FergusSentinels' Keep2016-10-15
7570Vivian Leonna d'ArcyStan Wyrm1992-10-24
7530Vigdis IonsdottirSentinels' Keep2011-09-24
7463Velma the HarperSentinels' Keep1997-02-01
7329Uggedei Mighan NidunSentinels' Keep2006-03-18
6970Theodora of TrebizondDeceased2002-03-23
6694Siobhan MacDufhSentinels' Keep2016-07-09
6694Siubhan MacDuffSentinels' Keep2016-07-09
6067Richenda de St. ClairInactive/Out of Kingdom1996-03-30
5433Morgan ferch Cennydd of HawksreachSentinels' Keep1993-04-03
4716Lecelin of ArundelInactive/Out of Kingdom2000-01-29
4453Kian hrafn af DyrnesiSentinels' Keep2001-03-31
4131Juliana nic LachlainnSentinels' Keep1992-07-18
4102Judith of SherburnSentinels' Keep1992-10-24
4053John FletcherCrystal Crags2014-07-19
3725Isabelle la Noire/Eleanore d'AngoulemeInactive/Out of Kingdom1993-01-30
3641Iduna SnorradottirSentinels' Keep2001-10-20
3626Ibrahim al-DimashqiSentinels' Keep1997-10-25
3252Grania McNish of Eagle's EyreInactive/Out of Kingdom2000-01-29
3037Gefjon fasthaldri HrafnardottirSentinels' Keep1991-07-20
2812Ezekiel the Slightly DementedInactive/Out of Kingdom1995-07-29
2676Elyne the ElderDeceased2001-01-27
2566Elise de ChamptoceauxSentinels' Keep2007-03-24
1822Ciann ua NeillInactive/Out of Kingdom1990-10-06
1760Ceridwen Noel TelynorInactive/Out of Kingdom1993-07-31
1611Carla the UnquestionableInactive/Out of Kingdom1994-10-29
1526Brynjolfr FjallgeirssonSentinels' Keep2017-03-04
1475Bronwen Montgomery of IrenwoldSentinels' Keep1991-11-09
1325Bjorn Thegjandi GrimnissonSentinels' Keep1993-10-30
1199Bertram Ferrar of ErrolInactive/Out of Kingdom1992-03-28
922ArundelSentinels' Keep1999-10-23
773Aodhnait Maire Siobhan NiNuanainSentinels' Keep1991-11-09
699Annys of PengwyrnSentinels' Keep1998-03-28
596Ankharet Verch MereduddSilver Keep2014-07-19
587Anja MetsaIainenSentinels' Keep1998-07-25
56Adne Dirdal the Whitewolf (reg as Asne Whitewolf)Sentinels' Keep1995-12-16
38Adelhead RotlinLoch Salann2016-03-12
38Adelheid RotlinLoch Salann2016-03-12
33Adele de CarlysleInactive/Out of Kingdom2000-02-26