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Award ID: 75
Award Name: Defenders of the Citadel
Award Rank: Grant of Arms
Group: Artemisia
Group Type: Kingdom
Registered: 1
Order Closed: 0
IDSCA NameGroupDate
9022Atilius Primus CastusDragonmarch2022-03-05
9018Simon of the Black HandsLoch Salann2022-03-12
8721Thorhal the HunterBronzehelm2021-01-09
8482Decimus Tiberius TricostusCrown Lands2019-09-06
8190Magnus StonesetterBronzehelm2019-01-05
8190Magnus BeartaseBronzehelm2019-01-05
8149Kelwin RatslayerArn Hold2018-11-04
8083Odde ap TamStan Wyrm2018-08-18
7945Eideard McCashStonegate2001-11-10
7945Yuri the YakslapperStonegate2001-11-10
7510Vidar BrekeboweArrow's Flight2007-09-01
7286Tryggvar HalfdanGryphon's Lair2003-06-17
7167Tilmann Glückhaft (Til the Lucky Til von Mannheim)Bronzehelm2002-10-12
7157Tighearnan mag CinndeargainLoch Salann2013-09-21
6955Terrell al-QasabCrown Lands2005-05-14
6248Ronan Geirson ta RautalahtiArn Hold2011-01-29
6226Roger de PalermoStonegate2008-06-21
6133Robert le Raven MacLeodLoch Salann2006-12-09
5592Ǫgmundr hrokrStonegate2015-06-20
5592Ogmundr hrokrStonegate2015-06-20
5488Murdoch MacLennanSilver Keep2003-06-14
5263Michael O'BrienDragonmarch2005-06-10
5233Merin du BourbonArn Hold2018-01-27
5130Math Halfdane - called the FishGryphon's Lair9999-12-31
5081Marius Markos Algallon ArmeniosLoch Salann2013-12-14
4993Marcello daDonniciStonegate2008-06-21
4922Magnus SigurdsonLoch Salann2011-11-05
4825Lucas SilvertreStonegate2014-11-22
4770Llywellyn ap Rhodri HopkinsInactive/Out of Kingdom2004-10-16
4622Kynric de CoventryInactive/Out of Kingdom2014-10-18
4489Killian CalawayBronzehelm2012-10-06
3996Joel DeGraceArrow's Flight2017-07-01
3861Jamukha BatuCôte du Ciel2009-12-05
3592Hrodgierr Hrodgierson (AKA Hrothgar)Sentinels' Keep2003-04-12
3260Greaghan McBayneInactive/Out of Kingdom2012-06-16
3248Grainne of Aileach/Grainne Cair ni MorriganInactive/Out of Kingdom2002-06-08
3183Giovanni Orsini da VeneziaBronzehelm2016-07-23
2860Fernando de SantiagoArn Hold2009-01-31
2828Fedor PoriadnichStonegate2017-11-18
2828Glen of 1000 EyesStonegate2017-11-18
2717Enrique Matias de RojasSentinels' Keep2016-08-06
2667Elyder of Silveroak (AKA Ely O'lestlobain)Deceased2009-10-24
2456Edmund de PortStonegate2002-06-08
2409Dunkr OrmstungaLoch Salann2015-06-06
2343Domnall BoiiGryphon's Lair2017-05-28
2343Domnall BoiiGryphon's Lair2017-05-28
2343Domnall MacTire (called Griff)Gryphon's Lair2017-05-28
2295Dietmar WolfmeierCrown Lands2005-04-23
2270Deryck of AnnesleyLoch Salann2016-09-17
2132Damian TennyBronzehelm2016-07-09
2119Daman MacMillanBronzehelm2002-06-07
2085Cú Dub mac LorccáinArrow's Flight2017-06-03
2085Cu Dub Mac Lorccain (known as Rex)Arrow's Flight2017-06-03
2085Cu Dub Mac LorccainArrow's Flight2017-06-03
1924Conall Ua DoibhilénLoch Salann2016-12-10
1924Connall O'DoibhilinLoch Salann2016-12-10
1529Brynjolfr FjallgeirssonSentinels' Keep2011-09-24
1359Bohun the BlackDragonmarch2009-03-14
1192Beodin BlaengirCôte du Ciel2012-01-07
1076Balen BlackmereArn Hold2011-10-29
1076Balenor BlackmereArn Hold2011-10-29
951Asher LandchenderStonegate2015-06-20
373Alfric the StoutOne Thousand Eyes2017-11-11
306Albrecht Von KallenburgGryphon's Lair2012-12-08