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Award ID: 196
Award Name: List of Chivalry
Award Rank: Non-armigerous
Group: Loch Salann
Group Type: Barony
Registered: 0
Order Closed: 0
IDSCA NameGroupDate
8688Morgant FaganLoch Salann2020-03-07
8526Osbern le fiz RobertLoch Salann2019-06-01
8517Chagatai BurilgiLoch Salann2019-06-01
8209Geoff of Loch SalannLoch Salann2018-12-08
7724William?Loch Salann2017-06-03
7588Vladislav KorsakovLoch Salann2013-09-21
7370Ulrich von GrimmeLoch Salann2013-06-01
7080Thorgrim SteinarsonnInactive/Out of Kingdom1991-01-19
6781Stephen MinstrelInactive/Out of Kingdom1981-12-13
5920Razumnik Zhiroslavich ZhuravlevLoch Salann2016-06-04
5920Razumnik ZhiroslavichLoch Salann2016-06-04
5600Olaf CancelerInactive/Out of Kingdom1989-12-16
5581NyKyha al-SabirLoch Salann2016-08-06
5322MikaInactive/Out of Kingdom1990-03-31
3976Jevan Arthgen de BerwynLoch Salann2013-07-27
3954Jeremia of Loch SalannLoch Salann2015-06-18
3581Hoggar HansonLoch Salann1988-10-29
3581Hogar HansenLoch Salann1988-10-29
3011Gage of Loch SalannLoch Salann2017-03-04
2563Elinore of Loch SalannInactive/Out of Kingdom2013-09-21
2333Dirck Der JagerLoch Salann2017-08-05
2333Dirk de JaegerLoch Salann2017-08-05
2333Dirck de JagerLoch Salann2017-08-05
1891Colin MacMichieInactive/Out of Kingdom1991-03-16
1352Boedjin van de SterrenInactive/Out of Kingdom2016-03-12
136Aeric KetchamLoch Salann1990-01-31