Award ID: 228
Award Name: Peacock's Pride of One Thousand Eyes
Award Rank: Award of Arms
Blazon: (Fieldless) A peacock in his pride head to sinister Or.
Group Type: Barony
Registered: 1
Order Closed: 0
IDSCA NameGroupDate
7994Zuzanne SuwalskaOne Thousand Eyes2002-11-23
7886Yin Mei LiOne Thousand Eyes1997-11-08
7316Tuathflaith ingean ui ThighearnainOne Thousand Eyes1999-11-20
7243Tomas de La MallorcaOne Thousand Eyes2015-11-21
6802Sumayya bint SuleimanStonegate2014-11-22
6667SimoneOne Thousand Eyes2013-11-23
6169Robert the LostOne Thousand Eyes2012-11-17
6038Rhys Ap Maelgwn Ap CynanOne Thousand Eyes2011-11-19
5067Marie Lorraine de MontclairOne Thousand Eyes1998-11-21
4059John GilsonOne Thousand Eyes2007-11-17
3828James Newton de StileInactive/Out of Kingdom2000-11-18
3763Ivar DrekkerbittOne Thousand Eyes2008-11-01
3509Helena BoccardiOne Thousand Eyes2016-11-19
3086Geoffrey the ProcrastinatorOne Thousand Eyes1991-03-09
2586Elizabeth Cameron CampbellInactive/Out of Kingdom1995-11-18
2479Edward DrakenfeldOne Thousand Eyes1987-02-21
1968Conrad von ZuberbuehlerStonegate1993-11-20
1889Colin MacDhaibhidh of SouthkeepInactive/Out of Kingdom1992-11-21
1681Catherine Hywel of AltonOne Thousand Eyes1994-11-19
1140Basil der DracheOne Thousand Eyes1991-11-23
1012Aurore de FlandresOne Thousand Eyes1996-11-16
852Ariel of YorkOne Thousand Eyes2003-11-22
815Aquilanne Jessica GraceInactive/Out of Kingdom1993-06-19
555Angela SeuestereOne Thousand Eyes2004-11-20
522Andrea des ChiensInactive/Out of Kingdom1988-02-27
276Alan YoungforestOne Thousand Eyes1990-03-17