SCA Name: Elen
Registered: 0
Active: 0


2543Inactive/Out of KingdomMaple Leaf of Artemisia1997-06-21
2544Inactive/Out of KingdomWhite Lark1986-12-20
2993Loch SalannFellowship of Saint Francis of Loch Salann2016-12-10
3494StonegateAward of Arms9999-12-31
3495StonegateGolden Pillar2009-06-19
3496StonegateGolden Sun in Splendour2014-03-15
3497StonegatePaon d'Argent2008-11-01
3498StonegatePeacocks Eye2013-11-23
3499StonegatePeacock's Heart2006-06-08
3500StonegateSwan and the Escallop9999-12-31
3501One Thousand EyesAward of Arms2001-03-17
3502One Thousand EyesCourt Barony2017-11-11
3503One Thousand EyesGolden Pillar2016-03-05
3504One Thousand EyesGolden Sun in Splendour2016-11-19
3505One Thousand EyesOrder of the Gryphon's Heart of Artemisia32015-03-07
3506One Thousand EyesGryphon's Pride1997-06-07
3507One Thousand EyesMateriam Superabat Opus2015-06-18
3508One Thousand EyesPeacock's Heart2014-03-15
3509One Thousand EyesPeacock's Pride of One Thousand Eyes2016-11-19
3510One Thousand EyesSwan and the Escallop2015-06-18
8712One Thousand EyesGolden Maple Leaf2020-11-21
3511One Thousand EyesAward of Arms2011-06-17
3512One Thousand EyesGolden Maple Leaf2012-11-17
3513One Thousand EyesGolden Pillar2017-11-11
3514One Thousand EyesKey Cross2014-03-15
3515One Thousand EyesMateriam Superabat Opus2012-02-21
3516One Thousand EyesPeacock's Heart2013-01-19
3517One Thousand EyesSwan and the Escallop2010-03-20
8381One Thousand EyesPeacock's Heart2018-01-20
8389One Thousand EyesPeacock's Pride of One Thousand Eyes2018-12-01
3518Silver KeepAward of Arms2009-10-03
4270Inactive/Out of KingdomAward of Arms2008-09-20
4271Inactive/Out of KingdomWhite Goose2009-11-14
4913Arn HoldAward of Arms2003-07-12