SCA Covid-19 Disclaimer

Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events. By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks. You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.

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3921One Thousand EyesBaroness' Oracle2014-06-14
6706Côte du CielAward of Arms2008-02-14
6707Côte du CielFlame of Pharos2015-09-19
6708Côte du CielGolden Maple Leaf2011-01-08
6709Côte du CielGolden Sun in Splendour2016-12-10
6710Côte du CielGryphon and Candle2013-09-14
6711Côte du CielGryphons Eye2016-11-05
6712Côte du CielGryphon's Pride1993-09-19
6713Côte du CielKey Cross2014-09-13
6714Côte du CielQuodlibet2009-04-04
8490Côte du CielSage2019-09-06