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SCA Name: Odde ap Tam
Group: Stan Wyrm
Registered: 1
Active: 1


8037Stan WyrmQueen's Grace of Atenveldt2010-05-01
8038Stan WyrmHawk's Lure2012-03-27
8039Stan WyrmBlood of Fenris2010-03-06
8040Stan WyrmSable Lion of Caerthe2006-11-18
8041Stan WyrmAward of Arms2002-08-14
8042Stan WyrmKing's Sigil2012-11-03
8043Stan WyrmWhite Oak2012-11-03
8044Stan WyrmFellowship of the Boar (Argent)2009-10-17
8045Stan WyrmFellowship of the Boar (Vert)2013-03-02
8046Stan WyrmKing's Award of Excellence2001-05-26
8048Stan WyrmSharks Tooth2002-11-16
8049Stan WyrmUndine2004-09-04
8050Stan WyrmFletcher1995-05-07
8051Stan WyrmOnore del Ponte Nero2003-11-08
8052Stan WyrmOnore del Ponte d'Oro2004-02-21
8053Stan WyrmArgent Shield2014-11-01
8054Stan WyrmSable Sword2016-02-06
8083Stan WyrmDefenders of the Citadel2018-08-18
8322Stan WyrmChivalry2019-02-23
8323Stan WyrmQuodlibet2019-03-02
8954Stan WyrmGolden Maple Leaf2021-07-10
8986Stan WyrmGolden Maple Leaf2022-03-12