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SCA Name: Shauna of Carrick Point
Group: Bronzehelm
Registered: 0
Active: 1


6571BronzehelmAugmentation of Arms2002-10-12
6572BronzehelmAward of Arms1985-09-28
6573BronzehelmCompany of Sojourners1987-03-21
6574BronzehelmCourt Barony2004-02-14
6575BronzehelmDragon's Tears1986-07-05
6576BronzehelmGrant of Arms1992-10-10
6577BronzehelmGryphons Eye2016-05-21
6578BronzehelmHerald Extraordinary2015-06-28
6579BronzehelmKing's Council1999-01-09
6580BronzehelmLight of Atenveldt1993-10-09
6581BronzehelmOrden des Lindquistringe1987-03-21
6582BronzehelmOrder of the Gryphon's Heart of Artemisia1996-06-14
6584BronzehelmPillar of Artemisia1991-01-12
6585BronzehelmQueen's Confidence2003-09-13
6586BronzehelmRoyal Commendation1994-10-29