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SCA Name: Ursula de Strattone
Group: Arn Hold
Registered: 0
Active: 1


7389Arn HoldAward of Arms2014-07-12
7390Arn HoldCercle d'Honneur2018-05-05
7391Arn HoldDen Grimme Aeling2017-08-26
7392Arn HoldGolden Maple Leaf2017-08-26
7393Arn HoldGolden Pillar2018-01-27
7394Arn HoldOrder of the Gryphon's Heart of Artemisia32014-08-30
7395Arn HoldOleander2017-02-25
7396Arn HoldQueen's Confidence2015-08-29
7397Arn HoldService Performed Under Duress2015-07-18
7398Arn HoldTerpsichore's Mouffle2015-07-18
7399Arn HoldUnicorn Meadow2017-05-06
7400Arn HoldWindmuhlen Keeper2015-01-24
7401Arn HoldYggdrasil2014-05-10
8332Arn HoldSincerity and Honor2019-01-26
8668Arn HoldService Performed Under Duress2020-05-02
8709Arn HoldGolden Sun in Splendour2020-11-07