Kingdom of Artemisia

A kingdom in the Society for Creative Anachronism

Welcome to the Current Middle Ages!

Groups in the Kingdom

Each group in Artemisia has its own culture, shield device, and organization.  Larger groups are called Baronies, and have a local Baron and/or Baroness in residence.

Device graphics  thoughtfully provided by Kamei Kojirou Yoshinaga.  You can get .png and .svg versions of Artemisia group devices here.

The Barony of Arn Hold
(Boise, ID and Nampa, ID) 


shield for arn hold

 The Barony of Bronzehelm
(Billings, MT) 


shield for bronzehelm

The Barony of Gryphon's Lair

(Ogden, UT) 


shield for gryphons lair

The Barony of Loch Salann
(Salt Lake City, UT) 


shield for Loch Salann

The Barony of One Thousand Eyes

(Idaho Falls, ID) 


shield for 1000 eyes

The Barony of Sentinels' Keep
(Missoula/Butte, MT) 


shield for sentinels keep

The Shire of Arrow's Flight
(Provo, UT) 


shield for arrows flight

The Shire of Cote du Ciel
(Logan/Willard/Brigham City , UT) 


shield for Coe du ciel

The Shire of Stan Wyrm
(Great Falls, MT)


shield for stan wyrm

The Shire of Stonegate
(Pocatello, ID)


shield for stonegate

The Shire of Windegate
(Shelby, MT)