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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness


Heraldry Submission Forms

These are fillable PDF forms, meaning that the text fill spaces can easily be filled in by anyone at their computer.

These fillable forms have an extra feature: as promised, the emblazon area is now a fillable area! The files "emblazon-device.png", and "emblazon-badge.png" are blank images (with the escutcheon/badge outline) that are sized precisely to fit into the form. Submitters who prefer to use digital art instead of hand-drawn need only use them as a background when doing their artwork, save the image, and click to import it into the fillable form.

emblazon-badge-v4.png  - the v 4.0 Badge submission png file
emblazon-device-v4.png - the v 4.0 Device submission png file
name-b.pdf - the v 4.0 Name for an SCA local group submission pdf file
name-i.pdf - the v 4.0 Name for an individual submission pdf file
emblazon-badge.png -  the NEW form for individuals to use to do computer generated imaging of their badge to be submitted with a filled out version of badge.pdf
emblazon-device.png -  the NEW form for individuals to use to do computer generated imaging of their device to be submitted with a filled out version of device.pdf.

Heraldic Funds Forms and Policies

Heraldic Funds Procedure 5-14-2020.pdf
Paper Trail for Heraldic Submissions Funds 5-14-19.xlsx
No Cost Resubmission 12-6-16.xlsx
No Cost Donated Funds 12-6-16.xlsx 

Other Forms, Documents, and Tools

Achievements of Arms.pdf
Artemisia Ceremonial - Incomplete.pdf
Artemisia Orders and Awards.pdf
Artemisian Acronyms.pdf
Simple Color Swatch (attrib: Etienne Le Mons)
Color Swatch With Variants (attrib: Hannah the Storyteller)
Court Reporting Form [.doc] [.pdf]
Handbook for Heraldry in Artemisia.pdf
Group Devices in Artemisia
Traceable_Art_S.pdf Scribal Handbooks and Texts