Kingdom of Artemisia


Herald Instructions

Artemisian Heraldic Submission Instructions for Local Heralds

Hi!  Thanks for becoming part of the process to make each person’s Dream become a reality by having their name and/or device become part of the official record.  The Artemisian College of Heralds (like the one who works for the real King of England) works with the other Colleges of Heralds from around the SCA’s knowne world, to ensure that our registered names and devices are unique and reserved for those who submit them.  Your role is to help funnel that information along the path.

How to process forms:


Artemisia’s Requirements for Heraldic Submission Forms. Artemisia’s requirements are identical to OSCAR’s requirements; which were built into the heraldic software when it was first created almost two decades ago.  The format and size requirements made sense back then because hard drives were small.  Unfortunately, these software requirements will continue until someone has the time and skill to build and test OSCAR 2.0.  Any deviation from the following will cause a submission to be returned to local level.


You Can Return Stuff.  Fixing obvious problems is quicker at local level.  I encourage you to help submitters fix problems that you know will prevent registration. Here are a few examples of obvious problems: